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Hey all! Tim here and maker of this game. If you like Boss 101 (and thank you so much if you do) - then we have released our NEW version on Steam. Basically, everything cranked up to eleven!

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Welcome to the weekly Zazmo Weekend update! 

Let’s get rolling with the news and then share some of the latest development videos. 

Boss 101 and Zazmo

Though this is not a Boss 101 update we do need to talk a little about what the development team has been working on for the last week. Our team is three people and we are working on both the Zazmo Arcade as well as the Boss 101 port to the Xbox One. Well, it looks like the Xbox One port is about done. We had a few minor bugs and issues to address this week and ideally we will have great news for all our friends and fans in the next big update. 

Zazmo Arcade Pack 2 

With the wrap-up of Boss 101 we will be doing two things. The first will be finishing up the Early Access for the Zazmo Arcade Pack 1 (ZAP1) and then moving onto the Zazmo Arcade Pack 2 – which is tentatively being internally billed as a Sports or Action pack. We don’t know exactly what games will be in it but we are looking at putting in games like car racing, golf and maybe some form of football (North American or world themed).

We’ll keep you posted as we go but you can bet we want to make this amazing and fun so expect some fun twists on the standard sports fare.

Game Development Blogs

Game Dev Night 07

Game Dev Night 08

Check out the two weekly blogs we put up. Both have lots of dev talk. We also look at older games and the designs they have to see how much can still be applied to today. Some really nice work went into the classics and we try to break it down. 

Talk with you soon and remember to LIVE YOUR DREAMS!


Zazmo Arcade Pack Info Roundup
Twitch Channel
- Monday Thursday Dev Streams at 6pm CST Donley Time Twitch
Steam Early Access Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/770320/Zazmo_Arcade_Pack
We appreciate your continued support!

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