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Hey all! Tim here and maker of this game. If you like Boss 101 (and thank you so much if you do) - then we have released our NEW version on Steam. Basically, everything cranked up to eleven!


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2018.01.14 Zazmo, Five Games in One

Posted by DarkTimmy - January 14th, 2018


Hello and welcome to the weekly Zazmo Arcade Development Update

Let’s start with a refresher – you get FIVE games for one price with the Zazmo arcade. Yep, FIVE games and each has multiple gameplay options for you to enjoy. Today we’re going to cover THREE of the five so hang on to your hats – here we go!


Breakdown is a classic. We have both head to head play as well as co-op and single player. This week we did a lot of tweaking to the play modes to make this thing fun and frenetic. The result, well you can see for yourself here. 

Check out the head to head craziness as Cloud Paddle goes to battle with Green Duck Paddle! Look at the action. Did you know the better you do the MORE BLOCKS drop on your opponent? That’s right! If you start jamming you can drop up to ten extra rows on their side. BRUTAL!

Here’s a few samples of the bonkers gameplay that gets going once things heat up. Some solid play from both sides but ultimately Cloud Paddle gets dusted. So sad! Haha



Of course if you are in a friendly mood you can check out this WIP gameplay of the Co-op mode for Breakdown. In this one you can team up with a friend for maximum buddy action. See how far you both can get!


Last Stand

The return of a legendary game! In Last Stand you battle alone or with a friend to save your precious crystal hoard. Watch out for thieves coming in and hauling your goods away. You have unlimited ships but limited crystals. When the crystal are gone your game is over. 

How long can you hold out?

Here we have two players putting the beat down on some bandits. Sadly they lose a crystal!


Tank Wars – The classic

Ok, we all know about classic arcade and console tank games. You know why they are classic? Because they are REALLY GOOD! The Zazmo Arcade Pack brings back classic head to head tank combat and adds in co-op and single player modes for your entertainment. Check out these WIP gameplay shots.

Here we have two buddies battling the red tank army. You will notice friends can revive each other in the co-op game. If your buddy is down you can keep hope alive by heading over to his tank and bringing him back in the action!


When all the co-op time is up you can always head into the combat arena and duke it out face to face! YEAH BUDDY!


You see how we are!?!?! These are only three of the five games too! Hang in there for more updates coming in the next week! We’ll be showing you all of the games!

Steam Store page is open for YOUR wish listing!

Head on over right now to the Steam Store page and wishlist the Zazmo Arcade pack here:


You won’t have to wait long – we would like the Zazmo Arcade Pack to be out soon. Soon like a month or two! SOONER IF WE CAN! Thank you for your support!

As always – remember to live your dreams!


Zazmo Arcade Pack Info Roundup
Estimated Ship, 1st Quarter 2018
Steam Store Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/770320/Zazmo_Arcade_Pack
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