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2018.02.24 Zazmo Weekend Update, video and more!

2018-02-24 22:32:52 by DarkTimmy


Hello everyone and welcome to the Zazmo Development Update!

We have something pretty special this time around. As you might already know we have a twice weekly game development stream on Twitch. Well, this week we started a new segment for the Zazmo Arcade called “The Clueless Programmer”. In this series our lead programmer Joshua will teach ME how to program a game (well, how to program parts of a game)!

We have two episodes to share with you. In the first one Joshua walks me thourgh some special effects and tuning work. In episode two we go a little bigger and I get to make a new object in GameMaker and add in my own code! 

The idea here is we will be taking small programming projects from the Zazmo Arcade Pack and turning them into video tutorials. Check it out and see what you think! We’d love to know if you enjoy them.

Clueless Programmer Episode 1 – Using GameMaker Studio 1 to create the Zazmo Arcade Pack

Clueless Programmer Episode 2 – Using GameMaker Studio 1 to create the Zazmo Arcade Pack

Zazmo Arcade in Early Access right now!

We went into Steam Early Access with the Zazmo Arcade and we’d love you to check out the store and support us if you like. We have a discount bundle to get Boss 101 and Zazmo together as well as a discount on the Zazmo Arcade Pack for all Boss 101 users!


Thank you again for joining us and remember to always – live your dreams!!!


Zazmo Arcade Pack Info Roundup
Twitch Channel
- Monday Thursday Dev Streams at 6pm CST Donley Time Twitch
Steam Early Access Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/770320/Zazmo_Arcade_Pack
We appreciate your continued support!


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