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2013.12.31 Happy New Year!!!

2014-01-01 20:52:31 by DarkTimmy


Just finished up Cosmic Clicks and will be putting it here soon!

From the screenshots you can see  STEVE and Max make a return from Boss 101. It's mostly their adventures between now and a Boss 101 sequel with a twist of the 'clicker' type games. A lot of fun to bring those guys back and you may even find it amusing and fun! HAAAAAAA!!!

At any rate – I ‘ll keep you posted when it goes live so you can check it out if you like. In the meanwhile enjoy some screenshots from the game!

Best, -Tim

Title Screen


Game Screen

Game Screen


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2014-01-08 09:45:03

i can't wait i bet its gonna super amazing

DarkTimmy responds:

Thanks! I think you will enjoy it especially if you have played any of the clicker type games. You will like it EVEN MORE if you enjoyed Boss 101 since STEVE and Max are all over the place in it! Appreciate the reply and best! -Tim


2014-01-27 17:24:02

I love Idle and Boss 101, so mash 'em together and you get the best game ever! PLEASE release it soon!