2014.02.02 Boss 101 Sequel and more!

2014-02-02 17:58:37 by DarkTimmy

All right - I'm too hyped to keep quiet!!! 

There WILL be a Boss 101 sequel and it's coming after Scrap Metal is done. I'm going to let you in on a little secret RIGHT NOW. Below are the upcoming plans for The Donley Time Foundation.

My most postive feedback and popular game to date is Boss 101. It was my favorite to make and I really want to give the fans much more of what they asked in the sequel. So many good suggestions from the folks here at Newgrounds - one of the best and most positive communities around!

This is REALLY EARLY but the plan is to have a crowd funded Boss 101 based game (likely Kickstarter) . OK, this is what I'm super hyped about. This would be a PC based version of the game (other platforms are possible). It would have a new story, new modes and generally be upping the ante from the browser based version of Boss 101. If you hear the words "co-op multi-player" you might be hearing about a possible feature. It's mega early but I think it would be a huge blast to make. That said - I will let you in on the action in any way possible!

I have no idea about what would be featured on a Kickstarter at this point. My goal right now is to create a nice code base and start working on something to show. We're talking a4-6 months of pre-production time for me to create a project so when it goes to Kickstarter is WELL underway and has many features ready to go. I'm making a living off your generosity and I want to give YOU something of value!

Also - Cosmic Clicks is out and on Newgrounds right now. If you like Boss 101 and especially Steve and Max then check out their latest adventure in the Boss 101 universe.

Cosmic Click link here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/633144

Boss 101 (the one and only original) link here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/630071

OK - those are the main things coming down the line. Check back soon for more and in the meantime - Scrap Metal is on the way!!! 

Best and talk with you soon!


Boss 101 Sequel


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2014-02-03 01:06:15

Boos 102?

DarkTimmy responds:

In a manner of speaking, yes! It will definitely have a lot of what people are asking for in a sequel! I'll keep you and the gang posted! best, -Tim


2014-04-08 22:25:41

Why haven't we heard any news here about the game's progress, or more importantly, why haven't you made the sequel yet?

DarkTimmy responds:

HAHAH!! Here you go!!! News from today!!!