2014.04.24 - Boss 101 Sequel well underway!

2014-04-24 05:10:23 by DarkTimmy

Hello everyone and I hope this marks the beginning of a much more regular posting schedule!

I want to thank each and every one of you for taking a moment to read the blog and respond. I do respond to all the letters and communication I get and each comment means a lot to me. I love that people have enjoyed some of the games I have made and really appreciate the kind words. Feel free to drop me a line ANYTIME at tim (at) donleytimefoundation (dot) com – just remove the spaces and replace the symbols – YOU KNOW!

So, we’re about 1 month into full development on the sequel and a lot has been happening. The art for all the main weapons is in as well as all the new minion art. There are about 40 new weapons for the player. There are also 40 new minions in the game – this is up from the original game’s 5 or so weapons and 25 minions. Quite an upgrade and the weapons are across the board more awesome (at least they are fun – we can promise).

You’ll love the new command center and the cosmic planning map. The game is really built around giving you MORE of what you liked in Boss 101 (and Cosmic Clicks). There is a ton of dialog as well as the Make-A-Boss generator. Of course, STEVE, Max and ROB (from Cosmic Clicks) are all in there with the usual wisecracks!

Check out the images below and come visit us on our Facebook page or on the main website! Either way – we would love to hear from you!

Thank you and take care!


Boss 101 Facebook Page

Boss 101 Main Site

I have a lot of things so let's get right to it shall we? Let's start with some of the new work you will be seeing! 

Bosses - visual upgrades all around! 

Every single boss is getting a huge visual upgrade as well as more weapons and more importantly - MORE ANIMATIONS!!! Check it out!

Boss 101 Sequel Remake boss


The same boss from the Boss 101 OG Boss - from the web-based version


Guns! More and better! 

Did we mention Boss 101 has more gun than ever? Every single gun from the OG Boss 101 is back, with upgrades, with more power and Boss smashing ability! 


Meet the Minions! 

Bring on the new guys! In the continuing series to show you how awesome the next Boss 101 game will be we present – The New Minions! Remember those clowns in Boss 101’s web version? Well, they got all dressed up for the PC/Console port and are looking to kick serious tail this time around. Don’t expect chumpy pushovers. Check below for a comparison from the OG crew and the new hotness! DO IT!


Some stuff for fun...

What if?

YES!! In the "wouldn't it be nice" category we have this awesome Boss 101 pixel art by one of our own at the Foundation. I can't tell you how happy this made me. So happy I want it on a shirt *and* I want to make a Gameboy version of Boss 101 just to use this as a title screen.


From a while back... hehe

Here’s an oldie piece from 2006 or so. This was just something done for fun but who knows! Maybe Boss 101 was on my mind even then!  


-end (check back soon - we'll keep updating!)


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2014-04-24 05:41:14

That all looks very promising! Can't wait for the final game!

DarkTimmy responds:

HA! Thanks! You're the master though - what about you?!?! Where can I see the lastest masterwork from Wiesi?!?! -Tim


2014-04-24 15:10:22

Exciting stuff, can't wait to play!

DarkTimmy responds:

Thank you! I'm pretty excited about the progress. First go at the main game loop is about done so the rest will be putting in the "pretty stuff" and adding the rest of the content. Thankfully we can work off the template of the original Boss 101 (and to a lesser extent Cosmic Clicks). Appreciate the comment! Best, -Tim


2014-04-24 17:52:45

looks really nice and fun~
now im a fan in facebook =P
looking forward to it ;D

DarkTimmy responds:

Thank you! It's shaping up to be a lot of fun. I think it will have much of what a fan would want and also plenty of new things (like more weapons and bigger bosses)! Best, -Tim


2014-04-25 08:59:59

Looking forward to it. Keep up the good work!

DarkTimmy responds:

Thank you! So glad you are looking forward to the game. More updates on the way soon! Best, -Tim