2014.05.10 Boss 101 Meet the Minions, part 2

2014-05-10 18:26:48 by DarkTimmy

Look who's back with another rockin' update! I always felt comparisons are the quickest way to show people what's new and improved. They're simple, easy to understand and give you a quick look at the latest. 

The minions in Boss 101's web based version were cool but I have to admit liking the updates quite a bit more. For one - they all have a lot more animation and their personaiity is way more fleshed out. Needless to say their weapons will be every bit as dope as these new styles. Pufferfish shooting spikes? YOU GOT IT! Shark torpedos? YOU GOT IT!

Oh yeah - some quick updates:

  • All the main weapons were put into the game and tested. I have to say it brought a smile to our faces to fire the shotguns, grenade launchers, particle cannons and many more. As you may recall there are now forty weapons in the game as opposed to the five in the first. 
  • Bosses continue to go in. We'll start showing off some of the mix and match styles you can expect soon!
  • Levels are coming together and the cities you fight in are looking better then ever. Can't wait till you can dust off a boss and watch him plow into the street, spitting smoke and debris. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

OK - more to come! Thanks for stopping by to check this out. It's a blast making the game and we cannot wait to get it into your hands. Believe us when we say every single thing going in is about making it as fun as possible for you. 



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More to come!


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2014-05-10 19:27:45

Sprites look miles better! Much improvement!

DarkTimmy responds:

HA! Thanks! I think this one is leaps and bounds over the last one. More stuff for the player to do, more weapons and tons more enemies! YES! -Tim


2014-05-10 22:11:33

There ya go! Shows what hard work does. I liked the last one, can't wait for the new one.

DarkTimmy responds:

HAAAAAAAAAA!! This is what's it's been all about. The whole point will be to give you and the fans a super fun game. More updates on the way too! Best, -Tim


2014-05-10 23:13:04

liked the new design, thumbs up!!
i do hope the game will have medals ;D

DarkTimmy responds:

Achievements are mos-def happening. Medals for everyone! HAHA! Thanks for the compliments and look forward to more updates! Best, -Tim


2014-05-11 01:35:24

Very cool pixel art!!

DarkTimmy responds:

Thanks man! Hope all is well with you! I've been tracking your latest stuff! Love it!!! -Tim


2014-05-11 01:52:27

It's looking awesome so far. The new pixelart is looking loads better!

DarkTimmy responds:

Yah, no kidding. The game is jumping way ahead in the looks department. Thanks for the compliments and WHEN IS KITTY STORY ARRIVING!!! I've got my money waiting!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! -Tim


2014-05-12 14:28:14


DarkTimmy responds:

HA!!! There's more awesomesausages to come too! Going to unveil some of the new levels and the brand spanking new command center for STEVE and Max! They got a pimped out pad since the last game! haha -Tim