2014.06.14 Screenshot Goodness Update!

2014-06-14 19:35:28 by DarkTimmy

Hey all - quick update for the new Boss 101!

I was playing the game and had to share a screen that made me laugh. The new bosses are going in and the mix and match is cracking me up especially when you end up with some totally random combo and use one of the new weapons. FOR INSTANCE….

Below is a screen cap showing Max and STEVE squaring off against one of the new bosses – a Robot Shark with Praying Mantis Legs and twin plasma cannons. Oh – did I mention Max is using one of the new weapons? A bow and arrow!!!! HAHAHAHA Why a bow and arrow – WHY NOT?!!?!?

We have been hammering away on the new bosses and will be dropping another preview soon. On our end we're over half done with the creation of the new bosses and are charging towards completion. From there it's all about tuning and tweaking gameplay. Talk with you soon and till then - hope you are doing well and wishing the best for you!


Robo Shark!


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2014-06-15 05:01:37

Greatest Boss ever.

DarkTimmy responds:

Thanks man! I have to admit it made me smile to see it get generated in the game from Boss parts!


2014-06-16 12:28:19

Damn man these bosses are shaping up to be so much cooler than the first one! Can't wait to play!

DarkTimmy responds:

Thank you! Heh - just wait till you see all the new weapons. Much more stuff for the player to do and have fun with! (laser guns, particle cannons, pipe wrench) HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!