2014.07.17 Boss 101, Hats and Tom Fulp TOGETHER!

2014-07-17 21:29:07 by DarkTimmy

Forgot about us?!?!?! We didn't forget about you!

This week we are showing you some of the new dope lids you will get in the Boss 101 Sequel. These will bring you SPECIAL POWERS, some bring money, other health, some bring the BOOM! There are all NEW ANIMATIONS and returns from oldies you loved. Check out the Fulp Hat too! LIKE THAT ONE TOM!?!?!? *

*note any resemblance to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional. If someone named Tom Fulp isn’t happy with his face then the Tom Fulp hat will be renamed “Crom Mulch”. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Check it!

The Armored Helmet - for when you want some extra Boss bullet stopping power.


The Ninja - a little boost to dodge the enemy barrage!


The Fulpster - help grab a little extra cash from those Bosses and looks stylish doing it!


Wanna play it now don't yah?!!?! YOU SHOULD! Thank you for dropping by and talk with you soon! 




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2014-07-18 10:11:07

Hell yeah GET MONEY!

DarkTimmy responds:

YES!! hahah!


2014-07-18 18:18:30

Your rock!! This game is going to be HUGE!

DarkTimmy responds:

Thank you sir! Each day I get more and more excited about what's happening!