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2015.07.22 Boss 101 Hats and Shield Bullets

2015-07-22 19:30:55 by DarkTimmy

Equip hats in Boss 101 & alter your machine gun bullets. Major Mayhem's hat gets shield bullets! ‪#‎boss101‬ ‪#‎indiedev‬ ‪#‎gamedev‬ ‪#‎pixelart‬

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2015-07-22 19:57:27

You have some unique games! My favorite would have to be "Dan Devil", addictive to play! :D Keep up the great work! If you want to sometime you can check out some of my comedy art.

DarkTimmy responds:

HA!! That is awesome - I really liked making Dan Devil too! Super fun game though it never quite got the clicks. HAHAH

Check out the upcoming sequel to Boss 101!

Thanks again and best!