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2015.08.15 Boss 101: On Steam Store, UI Upgrades

2015-08-15 15:18:46 by DarkTimmy

Welcome back to our weekly dev log! We have really exciting news so let’s dive in IMMEDIATELY!

Steam Store Page now OPEN!

>>>Boss 101 Steam Store Page<<<

Yep, you can now go into the Steam Storefront, type in “Boss 101” and go directly to the Boss 101 store page. So DO IT! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

The page is setup to show Boss 101 as ‘coming soon’ at the moment but do not let that deter you from adding us to your wish list and following the game’s progress. We will be putting our dev logs on there and will keep adding screenshots, videos and news as we move forward. We also have a community page there with discussions and news you can contribute and comment on directly.

You know you want to check it out and be part of something awesome.


Cleaning up the UI and making things as awesome as possible

So, as you know we have a Command Center in the game. This is your main staging area where you upgrade, purchase and review upcoming fights. It’s the place you spend time between fights flying kites and checking out the GopherWiki for tips on defeating bosses. Knowing that, we've been working to buff up a bit of the architectural designs.

Make no mistake; we could have left well enough alone saying “Well, we having something that works so just leave it”. We are, however in a polish pass and the whole point is not to just have something functional but to have something you (and we) think is AWESOME. It’s gotta be nice looking and fit the spirit of the game.

We are looking over the various levels, UI pages, and pretty much everything to make sure there is something special everywhere you go. We’re not here to just hit a bunch of check boxes on a To-Do list. That may ship the game but won’t deliver the experience we're shooting for.

Enough talking though – check this out. We have two stores and their respective before and after shots. Just look at how much sweeter they are NOW. Don’t you want to explore down there? There is a much, much better sense of a giant complex of machinery and in the debug store the pool of water adds a really nice touch to the look of the game. Really top level work.

Gun Shop Before


Gun Shop After


Debug Shop Before


Debug Shop After


Screenshot of the day

When you look for achievements in Boss 101, it pays to wear the correct lid!


Thank you again for checking out the latest. Enjoy, have a great weekend and remember to LIVE YOUR DREAMS!



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2015-08-15 16:42:37

looks great :D

DarkTimmy responds:

@Tyler - Thank you!! So glad you stopped by!



2015-08-16 00:22:37

buying this as soon as it drops in steam

DarkTimmy responds:

@Lionelion _YES! Thank you so much! You can follow the updates on the Steam Page too. We appreciate. Add it to your wishlist if you like and hit "Follow". We'll keep everyone posted on the happenings! Thank you again!



2015-08-16 06:53:51

Holy crap, this is turning out amazingly. The art is amazing, the gameplay looks smooth, I look forward to making a purchase :)

DarkTimmy responds:

@TheEnkian - Wow - really makes my day to hear people are excited about the game. While we work on it we are always thinking "Would I pay for this myself?". We are making something we KNOW we would like and feel you will have a really fun experience! Thank you for the comment and keep checking the Steam page for more info.




2015-08-17 10:05:10

Wishlisting for indie dev support!

Also, I love the system requirements on the store page.

DarkTimmy responds:

@Chaz - thank you so much for the consideration. Keep checking out the page when you get a chance and we'll keep you posted on the progress to final!