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2016.12.03 Boss 101 Update, End of Round Awards

2016-12-03 12:09:25 by DarkTimmy

Welcome back to the Boss 101 Update

Let’s check out what is on the menu today shall we?

End of Round Awesomeness

So when you win a round in Boss 101 we want it to be awesome. Awesome being defined as rewarding and fulfilling. You just completed a round against a tough boss and here you are at the end to collect cash, awards and other bonuses – why not make that as cool and fun as possible, right?!?! YAY!

So check out some of these images here showing the various moments you can have at the end of the round. 

In this image we see a still from a time out screen. In this round you are getting a sense of the whole layout and placement of the panels. 


With this in mind let’s look at panels in motion. Here we have the beginning of the transition. This is a closeup of the main panel right at the end of the round.


The thinking here is we start things with a bang. Some dynamic movement to announce where you are and what you have done. We bring in the round name, the medals for the boss killed and show you your basic rewards.

Award Time


The same kind of stuff is going on when you receive a medal. Bring ‘em up and slap ‘em down. We set it up so you can speed through ALL of these processes and still see the basic cool stuff. We know you will be seeing this panel a lot so we want to keep it exciting all the time.

Cash Money


When the awards are done it’s time for a cash deposit. Check out the ridic loot drop! (yah, maybe that could use a slight tune…. HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!)

Fireworks too!


Of course who doesn’t like FIREWORKS. You can start aiming and letting off bottle rockets just to celebrate having a fun time. Why? Because WE LIKE YOU that’s why!

Come on now – that’s what an end of round celebration should be. Fireworks, awards and CASH!

Lightning Gun

Here are a couple tunes for the lightning gun.

Checking out the moves and how the lightning flows against a single target


Trying out the jumping from multiple targets.


Ok folks – we’re hoping you enjoy these looks and thank you for the emails and comments. It really means a lot. We’re cutting a new video to showcase the game and bring you the latest look. YES!!

Remember to always and everyday – LIVE YOUR DREAMS!


Please put Boss 101 on your Steam Wishlist us if you would be so kind


Thank you!


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