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2016.12.21 Boss 101 Screenshot and Trailer!

2016-12-20 22:41:20 by DarkTimmy

Boss 101 Screenshot of the Day!

What do you do when a Tyrannosaurus Spider-gon attacks? You fight with a Luchador mask! 


Boss 101 December 2016 Gameplay Trailer

This is the culmination of nearly three years of development efforts and we still can only show you a FRACTION of the game you will get. Check it out here:

>>>DIRECT LINK to Boss 101 December 2016 Gameplay Video on YouTube<<<

Boss 101 Steam Store Page - please wishlist us!
Release Date: Early 2017
Price: $9.99 (look how much YOU get for UNDER TEN BUCKS!)

Thank you and remember to live your dreams!



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