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2016.12.24 Boss 101 Year End Wrap Up

2016-12-24 20:53:17 by DarkTimmy

Hello and welcome to the end of the year Boss 101 update!

Happy Holidays and thank you for your support!


>>>DIRECT LINK to Boss 101 December 2016 Gameplay Video on YouTube<<<

As we head into 2017 we want to thank you SO MUCH for the support you have given us over the last 2 plus years. We have been working to bring you our best and that has meant some delays but overall we feel it has been for the better. The new video is out, we are wrapping up the game and polishing and best of all you will be able to play Boss 101 soon for your self.

We always recommend you live your dreams. Boss 101 is no exception to that thought. We have been living our dreams for nearly three years and with the release on Boss 101 we are hoping that YOUR KINDNESS AND GENEROSITY will help us continue that dream. We made this game for YOU, we made this game for US. Most of all we made Boss 101 to entertain.

Upcoming videos

Starting in January we will be doing a series of videos (ideally weekly) to highlight some of the main features of Boss 101 you might be interested in. Things like the various stores in the game, upgrades and weapons. These will be short animated looks with BERL as your guide. If you are wondering how things look in action then get ready to see a LOT MORE of Boss 101 in action. 

Some progress from the last year

Weapon Madness

Check out the crazy weapons you will have access to!


Throwing Weapons



Picnics on a hill with friends!


ROBs house of awesome deals!


Hat store!


Mister Squirrel - can you find BERL’s old friend in the Command Center?


Don’t forget the game is MEGA-configurable!


Weather too!


Boss 101 has his own problems!


When life gets you down head to Pet Hill and find a pet buddy to hang with!


OK folks - there is more to come and MANY more looks at the game. We hope you have had a chance to check out the latest gameplay video and if you haven’t HEAD ON OVER THE YOUTUBE LINK!

We will see you NEXT weekend and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!

Take care, have a great holiday and remember to ALWAYS - live your DREAMS!


Please put Boss 101 on your Steam Wishlist us if you would be so kind


>>>Link to Boss 101 December 2016 Gameplay Video on YouTube<<<

Thank you!


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2016-12-24 23:15:50

It's Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays


2016-12-25 08:58:08

Merry Christmas!

DarkTimmy responds:

YAY!!!! THANK YOU!!! Happy Holidays and a great new year to you!


2016-12-28 06:00:57

A great New Year to you too!