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2017.08.08 Boss 101 Hat Contest Continues!

2017-08-08 19:47:23 by DarkTimmy



We have a ton of great suggestions but could always use another if you have one!

Design a Hat for Boss 101. Well, more like SUGGEST a Hat for Boss 101! HAHA!

So yes, we are planning on getting Boss 101 in your hands soon and ONE LAST THING we are doing is running a contest to YOU to suggest a hat. Drop us a line anywhere (details follow) and we will collect all the submissions and pick on to go into the game in true Boss 101 style. Suggest what you like but realize that we will have to respect various licenses and copyrights. Also we will be taking any suggestion and Boss 101’ing in our own way. You only need to supply a suggestion and we will put it on the list. 

General Contest Rules and Guides:
- Entry is free and thank you for your support!
- Suggest any subject, theme or person you might like to see as a Boss 101 hat
- You can suggest anything - animate or inanimate! 
- Please use common sense. Offensive or tasteless suggestions aren’t needed or welcome. 
- If your idea is chosen we will do our best to bring it to life
- You can suggest in the replies here or mail us at hatcontest @ boss101.com (remove spaces)
- The contest will run three weeks

Thank you for your time and we appreciate all your support!

Boss 101 Info Roundup
Release Date: 2017
Planned Price: $9.99
Boss 101 Steam Store Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/380920
Please wishlist us if you would be so kind!


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2017-08-08 21:03:09

Is the hat thing an inspiration from the greatest war themed hat simulator ever (tf2)?

DarkTimmy responds:

@JustAPunnyGuy - HA! Well, the hats were one of the more straightforward things we could add for character customization/power ups given the way the game was made. As for the TF2 inspiration, I suspect our reasons and Valve's reasons for doing them are similar (ie they are a neat and a somewhat simple way to add a new look to a player). Thanks for dropping by and appreciate the comment!