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OK everyone. Some really awesome stuff going on right now. We're plowing through the main art chores and all but two of the boss templates are done art-wise as are all the player guns and minions. We're moving onto level art. A really great thing is seeing bosses come together and making the RANDOM ones. I always get a laugh...

I won't even bother to blab about it more - CHECK OUT THESE SNAPS! Here are some of the NEW mix and match possibilties. (these are all randomly rolled from the game):






Sample of an animated Cat Boss


You still with me??!?!?! Well check this out!! Max and STEVE laying into a new robo-croc-skeeto!!!



Talk with you soon!



Hey all - quick update for the new Boss 101!

I was playing the game and had to share a screen that made me laugh. The new bosses are going in and the mix and match is cracking me up especially when you end up with some totally random combo and use one of the new weapons. FOR INSTANCE….

Below is a screen cap showing Max and STEVE squaring off against one of the new bosses – a Robot Shark with Praying Mantis Legs and twin plasma cannons. Oh – did I mention Max is using one of the new weapons? A bow and arrow!!!! HAHAHAHA Why a bow and arrow – WHY NOT?!!?!?

We have been hammering away on the new bosses and will be dropping another preview soon. On our end we're over half done with the creation of the new bosses and are charging towards completion. From there it's all about tuning and tweaking gameplay. Talk with you soon and till then - hope you are doing well and wishing the best for you!


Robo Shark!

Look who's back with another rockin' update! I always felt comparisons are the quickest way to show people what's new and improved. They're simple, easy to understand and give you a quick look at the latest. 

The minions in Boss 101's web based version were cool but I have to admit liking the updates quite a bit more. For one - they all have a lot more animation and their personaiity is way more fleshed out. Needless to say their weapons will be every bit as dope as these new styles. Pufferfish shooting spikes? YOU GOT IT! Shark torpedos? YOU GOT IT!

Oh yeah - some quick updates:

  • All the main weapons were put into the game and tested. I have to say it brought a smile to our faces to fire the shotguns, grenade launchers, particle cannons and many more. As you may recall there are now forty weapons in the game as opposed to the five in the first. 
  • Bosses continue to go in. We'll start showing off some of the mix and match styles you can expect soon!
  • Levels are coming together and the cities you fight in are looking better then ever. Can't wait till you can dust off a boss and watch him plow into the street, spitting smoke and debris. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

OK - more to come! Thanks for stopping by to check this out. It's a blast making the game and we cannot wait to get it into your hands. Believe us when we say every single thing going in is about making it as fun as possible for you. 



Main Site: http://www.donleytimefoundation.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/DonleyTimeFoundation

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More to come!

Hello everyone and I hope this marks the beginning of a much more regular posting schedule!

I want to thank each and every one of you for taking a moment to read the blog and respond. I do respond to all the letters and communication I get and each comment means a lot to me. I love that people have enjoyed some of the games I have made and really appreciate the kind words. Feel free to drop me a line ANYTIME at tim (at) donleytimefoundation (dot) com – just remove the spaces and replace the symbols – YOU KNOW!

So, we’re about 1 month into full development on the sequel and a lot has been happening. The art for all the main weapons is in as well as all the new minion art. There are about 40 new weapons for the player. There are also 40 new minions in the game – this is up from the original game’s 5 or so weapons and 25 minions. Quite an upgrade and the weapons are across the board more awesome (at least they are fun – we can promise).

You’ll love the new command center and the cosmic planning map. The game is really built around giving you MORE of what you liked in Boss 101 (and Cosmic Clicks). There is a ton of dialog as well as the Make-A-Boss generator. Of course, STEVE, Max and ROB (from Cosmic Clicks) are all in there with the usual wisecracks!

Check out the images below and come visit us on our Facebook page or on the main website! Either way – we would love to hear from you!

Thank you and take care!


Boss 101 Facebook Page

Boss 101 Main Site

I have a lot of things so let's get right to it shall we? Let's start with some of the new work you will be seeing! 

Bosses - visual upgrades all around! 

Every single boss is getting a huge visual upgrade as well as more weapons and more importantly - MORE ANIMATIONS!!! Check it out!

Boss 101 Sequel Remake boss


The same boss from the Boss 101 OG Boss - from the web-based version


Guns! More and better! 

Did we mention Boss 101 has more gun than ever? Every single gun from the OG Boss 101 is back, with upgrades, with more power and Boss smashing ability! 


Meet the Minions! 

Bring on the new guys! In the continuing series to show you how awesome the next Boss 101 game will be we present – The New Minions! Remember those clowns in Boss 101’s web version? Well, they got all dressed up for the PC/Console port and are looking to kick serious tail this time around. Don’t expect chumpy pushovers. Check below for a comparison from the OG crew and the new hotness! DO IT!


Some stuff for fun...

What if?

YES!! In the "wouldn't it be nice" category we have this awesome Boss 101 pixel art by one of our own at the Foundation. I can't tell you how happy this made me. So happy I want it on a shirt *and* I want to make a Gameboy version of Boss 101 just to use this as a title screen.


From a while back... hehe

Here’s an oldie piece from 2006 or so. This was just something done for fun but who knows! Maybe Boss 101 was on my mind even then!  


-end (check back soon - we'll keep updating!)

2014.02.02 Boss 101 Sequel and more!

2014-02-02 17:58:37 by DarkTimmy

All right - I'm too hyped to keep quiet!!! 

There WILL be a Boss 101 sequel and it's coming after Scrap Metal is done. I'm going to let you in on a little secret RIGHT NOW. Below are the upcoming plans for The Donley Time Foundation.

My most postive feedback and popular game to date is Boss 101. It was my favorite to make and I really want to give the fans much more of what they asked in the sequel. So many good suggestions from the folks here at Newgrounds - one of the best and most positive communities around!

This is REALLY EARLY but the plan is to have a crowd funded Boss 101 based game (likely Kickstarter) . OK, this is what I'm super hyped about. This would be a PC based version of the game (other platforms are possible). It would have a new story, new modes and generally be upping the ante from the browser based version of Boss 101. If you hear the words "co-op multi-player" you might be hearing about a possible feature. It's mega early but I think it would be a huge blast to make. That said - I will let you in on the action in any way possible!

I have no idea about what would be featured on a Kickstarter at this point. My goal right now is to create a nice code base and start working on something to show. We're talking a4-6 months of pre-production time for me to create a project so when it goes to Kickstarter is WELL underway and has many features ready to go. I'm making a living off your generosity and I want to give YOU something of value!

Also - Cosmic Clicks is out and on Newgrounds right now. If you like Boss 101 and especially Steve and Max then check out their latest adventure in the Boss 101 universe.

Cosmic Click link here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/633144

Boss 101 (the one and only original) link here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/630071

OK - those are the main things coming down the line. Check back soon for more and in the meantime - Scrap Metal is on the way!!! 

Best and talk with you soon!


Boss 101 Sequel

Introducing SCRAP METAL – Donley Time Foundation’s latest game! 

Have you ever wanted to manage a Robot Fighter? Maybe win a Robot Fighter Championship perhaps? WELL NOW YOU CAN! Soon you will have your own fighter! YES YOU! Manage him, train him and WIN PRIZES AND UPGRADES!! 

Big thanks to Jumping Joe Mad who provided the awesome name for this game (he also named your fav and mine  Boss 101). 

Excited! You should be! More news coming and in the meantime – enjoy this very first screen screenshot. Thank you and more to come! #screenshotsaturday #scrapmetal


Scrap Metal

2013.12.31 Happy New Year!!!

2014-01-01 20:52:31 by DarkTimmy


Just finished up Cosmic Clicks and will be putting it here soon!

From the screenshots you can see  STEVE and Max make a return from Boss 101. It's mostly their adventures between now and a Boss 101 sequel with a twist of the 'clicker' type games. A lot of fun to bring those guys back and you may even find it amusing and fun! HAAAAAAA!!!

At any rate – I ‘ll keep you posted when it goes live so you can check it out if you like. In the meanwhile enjoy some screenshots from the game!

Best, -Tim

Title Screen


Game Screen

Game Screen