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Take a break and fly your kite in Boss 101. Chat it up with your buddy Steve as you soak in the  rays. Maybe you’ll learn something.

Also, remember to always live your dreams folks!



Boss 101, Greenlight coming – stay tuned for updates from the home front about the exact timing. THANK YOU for stopping by! ‪

Keep living your dreams and talk with you soon!



Indie Game Riot and Donley Time Foundation Team Up

First off – Indie Game Riot was kind enough to allow us to publish our first article. This is the beginning of a series on working as an independent developer after being in large scale corporate game development. Josh Musser from IGR helped with the editing and we appreciate his time (and ability to correct grammar).

Here’s the link: How to Make a Game, Part 1

Boss 101 Progress

Some of the latest progress on the Boss 101 Command Center. This is where you will go to buy and upgrade weapons. We even have secret shops for those who want to get top notch gear!

Current look at the gun shop…


Super Secret Shop in-progress – you’ll have to get access to check out the goods…


We’re still trucking along! Talk with you soon and remember to LIVE YOUR DREAMS!


You may not know but you can can fly alongside dolphin buddies in Boss 101. Yep, you and Mister Dolphin riding the waves!


Donley Time Foundation – T-Shirts!!!!

OK – we just got setup and now you can get your very own Boss 101 and Donley Time Foundation t-shirts. We teamed up with Spreadshirt and got sweet shirts for rock bottom prices. They come in both Men and Women’s styles!

Store link here: Donley Time Foundation T-Shirt Shop


Like that do you? HA!!!

All right, talk with you soon and remember to LIVE YOUR DREAMS!


Look who tried to pass himself off as Santa’s sleigh on Christmas! No way buddy – Max and STEVE got you in their sights.


Talk with you soon and remember to LIVE YOUR DREAMS!


2014.12.24 Happy Holidays

2014-12-24 06:11:24 by DarkTimmy

Hey all and thank you for joining us throughout the year! It's been awesome and it couldn't have been so without your support. Thank you everyone and have a great holiday wherever you are!

From all of us at the Donley Time Foundation!


Hello and welcome!

First off - WE LOVE NEWGROUNDS! If you're checking out the latest for us, please check out the latest for all the awesome creators here!

Things are moving at the Foundation! We're hard at work on prepping a JAWESOME Steam Greenlight Video. Let's check out some snaps shall we?

First, who is THIS guy? Seems kinda big even for Boss 101...


From the minion tuning night...


Some screenies from nightly playtests...



YES! Check it out, live it, love it... and most of all LIVE. YOUR. DREAMS!



Ok - so MAYBE we could turn down the enemy firepower. hehe




STEVE and Max in Robo-Egypt testing out the new particle cannon on a boss. #dayinthelife


Remember folks - every moment counts so LIVE YOUR DREAMS!


STEVE and Max battling a Space Kodiak Tortoise over the skies of LA. Keeping the world (and Hollyweird) safe for YOU! 


More coming and remember folks… LIVE YOUR DREAMS! ‪Talk with you soon!!